“Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.” We have all heard this comment a time, or two throughout life. The urge to save a few dollars has caused many individuals to lose hundreds, even thousands of dollars. These individuals are categorized as, “penny-wise and pound foolish,” yet another definition of placing financial emphasis incorrectly.

Unfortunately, I believe this to be a standard means of operations within the archery hunting community. Most archers willingly part with great sums of money for certain necessary equipment to successfully harvest whitetails. Bows, arrows, sights, releases, arrow rests, and quivers, broad heads, calls, scents, camouflage, and boots are the major items of focus. When looking at the retail cost of all these items it is a substantial sum of money. These same archers (not ALL) find themselves looking for the least expensive climbing sticks and tree stands available in the marketplace.

Because of the potential risk of hunting 14’, or higher, it seems to me that the process of entering, exiting, and spending hours elevated in a tree stand should NOT be the equipment where we try to save a few dollars.


Can you place a dollar value on human life? What are the medical expenses and emotional trauma associated with paralysis? Think about it… Saving $200 bucks when you’ve already spent a thousand seems backwards. Top priority in my opinion, is getting home safe!

-Tim Squires