Treestand PowerSTEP™


Hurricane's PowerSTEP was developed to provide confidence and stability for hunters entering and exiting a treestand. The PowerSTEP provides hunters a super wide, adjustable platform-style step that mounts to most ladder-style treesteps. More than quadrupling the size of the standard tree step, the PowerSTEP provides a non-slip, sure footed transition when entering and exiting a treestand.

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  • Launch Zone

    The PowerSTEP has 400% more foot room than traditional ladder sticks, giving you a super wide platform to easily transition on and off your treestand. A bigger platform also means more reliability and confidence in your entry/exit movements.

  • Non-slip Surface

    Three wide, large-tooth rails bite through rain, ice and snow, assuring you solid-footing in any season.

  • Universal Attachment

    The PowerSTEP attaches to most sticks and ladders via adjustment and quickset bolts.

  • Superior Stability

    The design of the PowerSTEP assures superior stability and balance when transitioning on and off the treestand.